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Sunday, May 13, 2007

How Do I Convert My FAT32 File System To NTFS

How Do I Convert My FAT32 File System To NTFS

1/ Click the Start Button

2/ Next click All programs, followed by Accessories

3/ In the Accessories drop down menu select Command Prompt

4/ At the Command Prompt type: Vol C:

5/ You should now see the following information:

Volume in drive C: is XP Home (or whichever version of XP you have)

Volume Serial Number is FF47-80EB (obviously yours will not be the same, but you get the general idea)

7/ Make a note of the Volume in drive details and the Volume serial number.

8/At the Command Prompt type: convert c: /fs:ntfs (Replace the c: with whatever drive letter you are converting)

9/ Press Enter

10/ When asked for the Volume Label for drive C: type XP Home (or XP Pro depending upon your current operating system)

11/ Press Enter

12/ Because you are converting the C: drive (this contains the operating system), a message will appear informing you that the drive cannot be converted. You will then be given the option of scheduling a conversion the next time you boot your machine.

13/ Schedule the conversion and reboot

14/ After rebooting the conversion should proceed as normal.

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