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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

IE7 - Your current security settings put your computer......

Get Rid of The Nagging Windows Security Center Icon
The Windows Security Center has been one of the biggest annoyances since the inception of the idea with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Now with Windows Vista™ it is new, improved, and even more annoying than ever before! Untill now, you could not get rid of the icon from your tray.
Here's how to nuke Security Center off your system. This has been tested and there are no adverse effects from doing this.
Go to Start --> Run and type "cmd" without the quotes.
Type "cd\" followed by "cd windows\system32".
Now run the following commands:
takeown /f wscapi.dll
takeown /f wscsvc.dll
takeown /f wscui.cpl
Now you have ownership of the files. Go into the system32 directory in explorer and right click each file, go to the security tab and add an entry for everyone and give them full access permissions.
Disable the Security Center Service via services.msc if you have not already done so.
In the system32 folder rename the three mentioned dll's (change their file extension to .bak).
To get rid of the Security Center service from services.msc drop to a command prompt and type the following:
Enjoy no more nagging or icon in your system tray!

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